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Borisbang Industrial Technology is a leading manufacturer of High Strength Sewing Thread industry in China. If you want to buy high quality Filament Polyester & Nylon Thread, Bonded Polyester & Nylon Thread, Polyester & Nylon Machine Embroidery Thread, Polyester FDY, DTY. Please contact us at any time.


High Strength Sewing Thread

  • Fishing Twine Product Category Division

    In general, more than 99% of Fishing Twine we use is made of synthetic fibers. There are several classifications of monofilament, multifilament, or multifilament of nylon 6 or modified nylon, and polyethylene, polyester, Polyvinylidene chloride and o..

  • Why does BEABANG New Fiber's Foamless Bonded Thread not contain oil?

    With the rapid development of the industry, sewing needles are also being updated from one generation to the next. At present, the sewing industry has entered the era of high-speed sewing machines. High-speed sewing machines are characterized by fast..

  • 8 reasons to tell you why sewing thread breaks or jump stitches

    1. Use the wrong sewing thread. If you do not understand the material or sewing requirements, the bottom line will not be properly matched.2. The quality of sewing thread itself is flawed, such as: fuzziness, lack of strength, loose shares, lack of s..

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