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Car seat

In the automotive industry, the focus on safety performance is of utmost importance. The places where automobiles use sewing threads include: steering wheels, airbags, seat belts, seats, panels, interiors, etc.

Steering wheel stitch: Use 5# (630D/3) non-woven nylon 66 Bondi sewing thread, with appropriate elasticity, good pulling force, wear resistance, can make the joints strong and compact, the waterproof function of Bondi wire can prevent Infiltration of sweat.

Seat belt sewing thread: The seat belt is one of the safety accessories of the car. The seat belt of the computer needle is used to lock the seat belt accessories. When sewing, it is possible to use 10# (420D/3) Bondi sewing thread or special sewing thread. Use 18-22 close stitches per inch to achieve seam strength of over 1000 pounds.

 Panel decoration, seat sewing thread: Select 210#, 135#, 90#, and 70# nylon Bondi sewing thread with different thickness according to the design effect requirements, make the seams strong, beautiful stitches, wear-resisting, and texture Sewing effect.

Recommended use: 210#, 135#, 90#, 70# N66 Bondi sewing thread, special sewing thread

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